Recycling wood chips

Recycling wood chips

Recycling wood chips are produced from shreddered and screened used wood. In Germany, according to the scrap wood act (Altholzverordnung), recycling wood is categorized into four categories: A1 to A4. A1 recycling wood has the least foreign materials whereas A4 is contaminated recycling wood which can only be used in specialised biomass power plants.

Recycling wood chips according to EU legislation

According to EU legislation recycling wood chips are differentiated by the degree of heavy metal and other foreign materials content and categorized into green list, yellow list and red list. This classification of recycling wood was previously executed according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) and is currently performed according to the List of Waste Ordinance.

Untreated recycling wood chips: green list

Recycling wood chips with an insignificant share of extraneous materials and without any environmentally harmful substances. Green list recycling wood chips are a sought-after raw material in the derived timber industry. Some particle board manufacturers use 30% to 100% of recycled wood chips as raw material for their products. Green list recycling wood chips are also partially used for energy production in biomass power plants.

Slightly contaminated recycling wood chips: Yellow list

Recycling wood chips with some share of environmentally unharmful extraneous materials are classified as yellow list recycled wood. Because of the sligth contamination, cross broder transports of yellow list recycling wood chips are strictly controled. Every transport of these recycling wood chips must be notificated, meaning it must be registered with the appropriate authority of each affected country. Slightly contaminated recycling wood chips are used in small shares in production of derived timber products but mostly serve as a source of energy in biomass power plants.

Contaminated recycled wood chips: Red list

Red list recycled wood chips contain environmentally harmful subtances. Transport and usage of red list recycling wood chips is therefore subject to strict regulation and control. These contaminated wood chips can not be recycled, they can only be burned in biomass power plant and thus serve as a source of energy.

Besides recycling wood chips, we also trade unshredded recycling wood and pre-shredded recycling wood.