Increase your rest wood revenues

We turn your side products into valuable business

We handle all kinds of wood


The market of rest wood and recycled wood is very fragmented. By bundling your quantities of rest wood with rest wood from other suppliers, we can help you access Europe’s most reliable wood users. We will help you to prepare and sell your products to large utitilities, particle board, paper manufacturers and small specialised consumers alike. Additionally we help you understand the cross-regional market influences and make sure to choose the most profitable sales channel at all times. Due to our diverse portfolio of customers we can market all sorts of rest wood and recycled wood, helping you to focus on your core business.

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Complex Markets

Efficient wood channeling

Our specialised wood logistics and preparation infrastructure allows us to handle all kinds of wood. We buy, market and ship all your side products and channel them towards the most profitable market segments.

Changing seasons

Guaranteed quantities

We guarantee our quantities of wood purchase, giving you a reliable base for production planning. Seasonal changes in demand are balanced out through customer base diversification.

New Sales Channels

Continous market development

Most recently we have made the bioenergy market acccessible to forrest owners and we keep seeking such opportunities to develop new markets for undervalued and unused wood sortiments.