• Walking Floor Wood Chip & Sawdust Trucks

    Walking Floor Wood Chip & Sawdust Trucks
  • Sawdust & Wood Chip Jumbos

    Sawdust & Wood Chip Jumbos
  • Mobile Wood Chipping On Site and in the Forrest

    Mobile Wood Chipping On Site and in the Forrest
  • Timber Trucks

    Timber Trucks
  • Mobile Wood Screening

    Mobile Wood Screening
  • Wood Chip & Timber Trains

    Wood Chip & Timber Trains
  • Sea and River Bulk Carriers

    Sea and River Bulk Carriers

Reducing complexity in wood logistics

We have been specialised in trading biomass, rest wood and recycled wood since 1953. Building a network of service providers and our own specialised fleet of trucks has made us a leading rest wood trading and logistics company in Germany. In summary, we’re able to harvest, chip, screen, clean, store and transport any quality and sort of wood on road, sea, river, and railway. Our certifications and experience allow us to organize hyperlocal, regional and international wood logistics concepts, depending on supplier, customer and market demands.

We have learned to work with companies in the size of an individual farm to a multinational company with multiple production facilities in different countries. Multigeneration timber plantation and harvest practices are as common to our daily business as quarterly reports-driven purchase strategies with daily variations. We see ourselves as the balancing entity between a multitude of legal systems, interests and business philosophies.

Get in touch to learn how we will reduce the complexity in your raw material logistics, too.